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- HLT 50307

Certificate IV in Massage is a three months program.
The Diploma is a six months program.


The following include the course subjects outline as well as competencies outcome list for each qualification as per the Department of Vocational Education and Training National Health Training Package

CERTIFICATE IV IN MASSAGE - HLT40307Nationally Recognised Training

  • Massage 1
  • Massage 2
  • Communication 1
  • Shiatsu
  • Business Practice
  • Clinic 1
  • Aromatherapy
  • Anatomy and Physiology 1


Massage 1 - The student will be taken through all the relaxation and Swedish massage techniques, At the end of this module the student will be able to perform a full body relaxation massage including head and feet.

Massage 2 - The student will learn how to work within organisational guidelines and industry standards to obtain information on client physical health status to enable them to perform a pre massage assessment.

Aromatherapy – This module gives the student a basic overview of Aromatherapy. This module includes theory and practical application of oils.

Shiatsu – Learn the traditional Japanese point therapy of Shiatsu. The student at completion of this module will have the skills to perform a basic Shiatsu therapy massage.

Communication 1 - This module will offer the student techniques to enable them to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues in a practice environment and within the context of the health industry.

Business - The student will be introduced to information on business structure and various legal in industry requirements. This subject includes information on taxation, health fund rebates, registration and insurance.

A&P 1 from Certificate IV, and A&P 2, & Muscular Anatomy from the Diploma – Provides an overview of the muscles structure, organs and systems of the body. The student will learn all the basic systems of the human body so that they can assess the client before applying a treatment.

Following are the competency units achieved upon completion of the course:

BSBCMN204A Work effectively with others
HLTCOM404B Communicate effectively with clients
HLTCOM405B Administer a practice
HLTCOM406B Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate
HLTCOM408B Use specific health terminology to communicate effectively
HLTFA301B Apply first aid
HLTHIR301A Communicate and work effectively in health
HLT0HS300A Contribute to OHS processes
HLTIN301A Comply with infection control policies and procedures in health work
HLTAP401A Confirm physical health status
HLTREM401B Work within a massage framework
HLTREM406B Provide massage treatment
HLTREM407B Plan massage treatment
HLTREM408B Apply massage assessment framework
HLTREM409B Perform massage health assessment


Include all Certificate IV in Massage subjects + Nationally Recognised Training

  • Remedial Massage 1
  • Remedial Massage 2
  • Deep Tissue
  • Cross Fibre Mobilisation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Clinic 2
  • Anatomy & Physiology 2
  • Muscular Anatomy
  • Communication 2


Remedial Massage 1 – This module provides the students with the practical skills of muscle testing and the anatomical structure of the muscles. The student will be able to assess, treat or refer a client with an injury after completion of this unit.

Remedial Massage 2 - This module offers the student information on specialized massage techniques for treatment of corporate clients, athletes, women, men, and children.

Cross Fibre Mobilisation – The student will learn to manipulate muscles in a gentle ‘rolling’ manner. The treated area is then left alone to assimilate and react to this change. This is a more gentle technique used for specific injuries.

Deep Tissue – The student will learn the principles of sports massage, PNF stretches and the application of heat. The student will also learn the invaluable technique of Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate commonly know as RICE.

Lymphatic – Provides theory and practical skills to perform a lymphatic drainage massage. Students will learn the benefits of they style of massage especially in the help of toxin release, and fluid retention.

Communication 2 - This module offers the student information on reflection of professional practice including ethics, culture, and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to develop an effective client centered health option plan.

Clinic 1 and 2 – Offer the student with the opportunity to provide massage treatments in a workplace setting.

Following are the competency units achieved upon completion of the course:

The certificate IV subjects with the exception of HLTCOM405B are pre-requisites for this qualification plus: -

HLTCOM502B Develop professional expertise
HLTCOM503B Manage a practice
CHCORG28A Reflect and improve upon professional practice
HLTHIR506B Implement and monitor compliance with legal and ethical requirements
HLTAT501A Maintain an effective health work environment
HLTREM502B Provide remedial massage treatment
HLTREM504B Apply remedial massage assessment framework
HLTREM505B Perform remedial massage health assessment
HLTREM510A Provide specialized remedial massage treatments
HLTREM512A Provide remedial massage treatments within a corporate setting
HLTREM413A Provide remedial massage treatment to athletes
HLTREM511A Provide remedial massage treatment for women and children

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