Put your mind in neutral and let us work on that other half of you - your body. You can only go on neglecting it for so long. Then it starts to tighten the muscles in your neck. Or it wakes you up at night and won't let you get back to sleep. That's the body's subtle reminder that it needs a treat. And that's what we're here to deliver.

Put our hands to work and we promise to take the load off your back, your neck, your shoulders. In fact, wherever your body carry your stress, we have many ways of managing it. Massage is becoming accepted as one of the most beneficial form of stress prevention and reduction. There are many forms of massage styles and techniques. Our qualified and experienced therapists will usually combine and tailor a massage to suit your needs achieving a therapeutic and a relaxing outcome.


AROMATHERAPY: A relaxing style of massage that enlists the nurturing qualities of pure essential oils to relieve emotional and physical stress, you'll emerge with all your senses primed. The world will smell rosy and so will you.

SWEDISH: A soothing therapeutic massage designed to restore the circulation to your muscles and joints and to induce relaxation. You'll lose all that tightness and emerge as relaxed as a baby.

DEEP TISSUE/SPORTS: A vigorous therapeutic massage that uses manipulation techniques to relieve sports injuries and chronic complaints. This is a real body workout except we do all the work and you direct us to your pain.

LYMPHATIC: Utilising knowledge of where the body stores toxins, this massage works on releasing the toxins so that your body may discard them. This style is used also in detoxification and well as weight lose treatments. You'll relieved of the nasties and healthier for it.

FOOT MASSAGE: If you think you carry the world on your shoulder, spare a thought for your feet. We work on easing some of the hidden tension there. We apply gentle oils and warm hands. You'll be amazed at the feeling of well being.

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