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The benefits of natural medicine have been well documented. We can complement or act as an alternative to conventional treatments. The essential difference is that natural medicine aim to stimulate and strengthen the body's immune system. So you fight what ails you, by building your defences. When required we combine our treatment with counselling, on all levels, helping you to cope with life and giving you the mental strength to realise your health potential.

Here is a brief description of the main form of natural medicine we offer:

ACUPUNCTURE: A 2000 year tradition of the Chinese. We stimulate neural points to treat muscular pain, and various acute and chronic disorders and diseases.

HOMEOPATHY: A 19th century German orthodox medicine that uses the vaccination principle to trigger the body's immune system response.

A treatment that combine traditional herbalism with modern clinical training and diagnostic skills.

NATUROPATHY: A combination of these and other natural therapies for more holistic treatment.

LIFESTYLE & DIETARY ADVICE: Treatment involving dietary changes to boost immunity, this with healthy lifestyle planning to create a general well-being.

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